5 Tips to Build Trust in the Workplace


Trust is one of the main components of every relationship. This characteristic builds respect and loyalty along with allowing your business to be efficient and run smoothly while creating a positive work environment. Saying this, a business which manages to build trust among its employees is often successful; while those who don’t face negativity and low productivity in the workplace.

A question frequently raised by management is how can we build trust?

Trust in the work place can be related to trust in any other type of relationship and here are some tips to ensure you are on the right track:

 Establish and maintain integrity

Don’t promise anything you are not willing or unable to give. It might seem like a good alternative at the time, but in the long run you will have disappointed, unmotivated employees.  As we know from our article ‘How to Deal With an Underperforming Employee’, lack of motivation leads to poor performance which can have a domino effect on everyone else in the business and affect profitability. Always tell the truth regardless of how difficult it may be.

Be consistent

Ensure you follow the company guidelines, work towards the company goals and show up everyday and on time while completing all your work. Remember, as a team, most employees expect everyone else to work as hard as they do.

Non-verbal communications

Believe it or not, your body can betray your words. Make sure you are always respectful and genuine while communicating by making direct eye contact and ensuring your arms are not crossed as this is creating the impression of a barrier.

Ensure you don’t have a “me, me, me” focus

Encourage team progress! Motivate others to work towards the same goal and make yourself part of it by listening to their ideas with an open mind and focus on issues and solutions. Show your genuine care for others. Did one of your employees have a great idea you wished was your own? Don’t take credit for it. Make sure you let them know their contribution is appreciated!

Don’t play the blame game

Finger pointing doesn’t help anyone. Instead, it creates fear and decreases innovation and engagement. Ensure you ask the hard questions and set the example by being responsible and accountable for your actions.


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