Noise Protection Tips


Wearing hearing protection equipment at work is vitally important. Loud and constant noises can damage the sensitive structures within your ears gradually leading to permanent hearing loss. It is important that everyone at your workplace is aware of the dangers involved and use the right protective equipment. The longer you are exposed, the more likely it is you will damage your hearing, and once the damage is done, it won’t come back.


Noises are always around, but when you need to raise your voice or shout to be heard, chances are the noise around you is probably too loud.

Here are some tips to protect your hearing at all times:

  • We are aware many workplaces have to deal with loud sounds and noise therefore; you should protect your ears with earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Give yourself frequent rest away from noisy places.
  • Sudden very intense sounds can be dangerous, so make sure you are aware of what’s to come in your environment.
  • Instead of using Ipods and other devices at dangerous loud levels to get rid of background noise, wear noise-cancelling earplugs.


To find out whether your lifestyle could be damaging your hearing health click here.





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