How To Avoid Being Unintentionally Rude in an Email


We have all experienced “one of those days” when we don’t have enough energy or time to put into making the required effort in communication, especially at work, harming our reputation. Resorting to smileys may be ok between you and your co-worker who just happens to be your friend outside of work, but they can look highly unprofessional if used with management. Make sure you are aware and avoid over using them. You should also note, many workplaces are different and this may depend on your specific work culture. Instead of rushing and sending an email to your co worker sounding a bit blunt and unintentionally rude, follow this tips to make sure you avoid it at all times.

  1. Always have an introduction.

Start your emails with – Hi Charles (or whatever the person’s name is), it is the polite way of starting a conversation and you should apply it to all emails, just as you would in real life. Remember they are not in the same room with you and are unable to interpret your body language so ensure you set the correct tone and don’t leave your email open to misunderstandings.

  1. Don’t make it all about you

Yes, you are sending this email to inform or request something, but don’t make it all about you. Have an opening sentence such as “hope your day is going well”. Especially when you are requesting something, this will make it sound less like a demand and more like you would appreciate their help.

  1. Always show appreciation

A way of being on good terms with everyone and avoid being controversial is thanking everyone for their efforts when you have requested something. A thank you for their email or please before every request can definitely make a difference.

  1. Closure

It may seem obvious, but sometimes we might be in a rush or on our mobile devices and we don’t realise we forgot this part. Make sure you have assigned a signature on every device you usually use to reply to emails. It also makes you look more professional than having a message saying sent from your Samsung GalaxyS4 as your closure.


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