7 Tips to Operate a Forklift Safely


A forklift can cause major damage to workers and equipment around site if not operated properly. It is important to increase awareness on forklift safety to avoid incidents and injuries at the workplace. Simple tips can save lives!

  1. Let’s start with the obvious…. You MUST be qualified! Forklifts must be operated only by people who have been trained to do so and have a current license.
  1. Always wear appropriate work gear and safety equipment provided. Make sure clothes are fitted to avoid getting caught on machinery.
  1. Routine checks must be carried out regularly to make sure the breaks, controls and other parts of the forklift are operating correctly and if not, get it repaired before anyone uses it.
  1. While operating the forklift consider your surrounding environment, especially maximum height signs. Use designated roadways and stay away from the edges at loading docks or ramps.
  1. Operate at a safe speed. The forklift can tip over if turning at high speed.
  1. Ensure your load is correctly stacked, stable and secure. Remember, you must not allow others to sit on the same forklift unless there’s another seat fitted safely for a second passenger.
  1. Face your load uphill and travel in reverse when downhill.

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