7 Tips to Build a Successful Team


SA team is a group of people working towards a common goal or objective. In an office, creating a successful team can be tough. It takes great leaders to build great teams, therefore – the leader’s task is to constantly create and strengthen a relationship based on trust and loyalty, rather than fear or power. This will encourage your team members to develop passion for their work and have clear expectations on what their work will lead to.

How do you build a successful team? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get to know the team. You must take time to get to know each team member and encourage camaraderie. It is very important to show yourself as a caring and understanding leader.  After you understand your team’s strengths and capabilities you will be able to identify the real assets each member can bring to the table and what still needs to be worked on. This offers great insight on how they think and what motivates them to successfully perform their tasks. This will provide you with a great tool for inspiring them and injecting talent into the areas of need.
  1. Once you have taken the time to get to know them, you can then make more effective decisions and define the roles and responsibilities of each team member. It is possible many of the tasks they are suited to will not fit into their current job description. The work performed by each of your team members must be integral to the “system” meaning.  While they might not be the most talented person within the organization,  they may know how to work well within the system. This means leaders must have well developed skills to evaluate staff not only in terms of their skills applied to a certain role, but on whether they fit into the “system” or workplace culture, and are good team players.
  1. Encourage an environment were team members are comfortable enough to take reasonable risks to take the initiative and provide a trusting environment in which staff are not punished for disagreeing. Team building activities can be a good way of strengthening your team’s trust amongst each other.
  1. Maintain honest and respectful communication, were team members spend time really listening and understanding other team members points of view, but are prepared to engage and debate around the ideas. If ideas are not presented, the team misses valuable opportunities to find the best solutions to problems. Respect other’s thoughts and ideas to create a healthy debate.
  1. Ensure the team understand the goals set out and that they have a clear idea of what the strategy is to develop the necessary commitment to work towards them. This will also empower your team to say “no” when something is not the best strategy fit for the team. Knowing the team strategy will give direction and focus to the team, positive results will be achieved if the team members agree and commit to team decisions; including the specifics of action plans
  1. Providing feedback helps to keep everyone on track.  It is an opportunity to see what is being done properly and which areas need some improvement. Timely and consistent feedback is a must for team success. Don’t limit yourself on giving feedback only when a problem arises.   Timely feedback, both positive and negative, will result in your team’s constant improvement.
  1. Don’t forget to reward your team. Individual recognition is great, we all love it. This reassures your team their efforts are being noticed and gives them more confidence. As a team, you must always celebrate success. What leads your team to fulfil the main objectives? Also, ensure you don’t take all the credit for yourself, as this might hurt your team harmony.


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