Should You Consider Video Interviews?


Can Video Interviews actually provide enough interaction between candidate and employer?

If a picture conveys a million words, a video makes it a trillion. Today, recruiters are turning to the latest that internet technology has to offer to make the interview process easier, quicker, and much more cost effective. A video job interview has plenty of advantages over a phone interview for personal and 1st-stage interviews. Here are just some of the aspects that make video interviews cool.

“The employer gets to review the video and see in real time the positive traits that would make the jobseeker a potential hire.”

Perspective of Recruiter
Video technology can be utilised in a variety of different ways today. Each recruiter would have his/her own distinct technique that suits his/her specific needs. A typical Skype interview is also a little different to dedicated video interviewing platforms where the individual taking the interview responds to a pre-recorded interview questions. It provides recruiters with something to review the performance of the jobseeker via results that can be compared to all candidates. So already you can see how videos interviews do not necessarily have to be live and can be incorporated into testing programs too.

Advantages for Job Seekers
job interviewsOf course video job interviews work out great for the job seekers as well. They can forget about forgoing a day’s work to attend a first level interview. They can also keep it confidential and save immensely on travel and even more importantly, time. However, with all the convenience, it is imperative that the job seeker maintains the same level of professionalism while attending the video interview and treats it exactly the same way as a traditional face-to-face interview.

Advantages for Employers
Even the employers benefit immensely from video interviews. They gain a first-hand report from the recruiters about the performance of the job seeker instead of relying on vague notes and redundant paperwork. The employer gets to review the video and see in real time the positive traits that would make the jobseeker a potential hire. They are also prepared and know exactly what to expect when the job seeker walks through the door for the second round interview.

Although a video interview may never completely replace the traditional face-to-face interview, it certainly provides an edge over other means of first round encounters.


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