How to be an Occupational Safety Technician


Role of a Safety Technician:
With the increasing demand to ensure safety in the workplace, occupational safety technicians are in demand like never before.

The objective of hiring a safety technician is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the workforce of a company. They also have the responsibility of ensuring the machinery and equipment in a workplace are protected and run in optimal fashion. A safety technician generally makes an assessment of the existing safety procedures and provides inputs on how to improve them. This is implemented through continuous monitoring of the working conditions in a company and working with specialists. Various new studies have also suggested that the mere presence of safety technicians and their programs, doesn’t just enhance the overall safety of the workforce but have been a contributor of positive working environments, which increase productivity.

“additional specialisation will improve the chances of a higher salary and better growth prospects”

Requirements For Those Interested

To secure a job in this field, a bachelor’s degree is often a preferred requirement. Of course, additional specialisation will improve the chances of a higher salary and better growth prospects. Job opportunities are widely available with the government as well as private corporations who wish to achieve a global standard in terms of work quality and the safety of their employees.

The Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety or Safety Technology is the another highly weighted preference. The bachelor programs are usually 3-4 years long and requires the student to cover various core subjects such as safety and health standards, hazard recognition and control, occupational health, industrial hygiene, risk assessment, control, and accident prevention.

safety firstAdvanced Certification

As a safety technician, if you are looking at a management level opportunity, you need to take the initiative to earn advanced degrees or certifications in various fields associated with safety technology. The additional benefit of taking these advanced certification programs is that they can also gain the qualification to access opportunities of teaching at professional college level or becoming a specialist consultant in occupational health and safety. You can also seek industrial-specific certification to provide you an edge in the job market.


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