Why Productivity is Overrated


With all the talk about enhancing productivity levels of the country, the world, and the universe, we seem to have forgotten where it all begins – You!

Productivity has been projected to be something so very hard to achieve when it all it takes is some ground level prioritisation from an individual perspective. As is usually observed, it has to start from the top. If the top management is happy with a 45% productivity level, you could be looking at nothing higher than a 30% result. The management cannot afford to hedge their objectives. There are comfort levels that need to be broken and the message needs to be clear.

productivityThe Influence of Training
A lot of companies shy away from exposing their managers to dedicated training programs focused on key areas such as time management, people skills, and communication.
The reason is simply because they are considered to be unwarranted expenses and a waste of time.

In reality, when you give emphasis on the importance of these aspects to your managers and measure their performance during happy wheels these training sessions, it makes a difference to the overall perspective of your managers and consequently, your work force. You are bound to reap the benefits down the line.

“Factors such as absenteeism, day to day work contribution, and productive time monitoring need to be monitored by the HR development”

Getting the Pulse
To perform better, managers need to observe how the actual work is being executed on the floor instead of just taking in the hourly score. By being on the floor, the manager gets the pulse of his unit and the opportunity to identify and rectify the factors that could be eating away at productivity such as redundant technology, time consuming processes, and unwarranted effort. The performance levels of the operators need to be measured and notified at regular intervals.

The HR Factor
Factors such as absenteeism, day to day work contribution, and productive time monitoring need to be monitored by the HR development. The department can play a significant role in helping the production manager work at the top of his game.

Implementation of these basic aspects alone can enhance productivity levels radically and make achieving optimum productivity levels an easily achievable task.


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