Safety in the Workplace is a Right not a Privilege


Workplace accidents or ailments have become a common phenomenon, despite the fact that every worker has the right to a safe workplace environment.

But, this seems to be an unlikely situation when you take a look at those families who faced the brunt of dangerous working conditions by losing their dear ones to death during the course of their employment in the last few years. If you check reports, you will find that nearly 186 Australian workers were badly injured during their work in the year 2013 itself.

“you will find that nearly 186 Australian workers were badly injured during their work in the year 2013 itself”

A ray of hope…

But, there is a glimmer of hope in the form of SafetyCulture. SafetyCulture, which is a well-known Occupational Health and Safety services providers in Australia, pledges to transform every workplace in the country into a safe haven where simple and efficient systems will be installed for use by the workers to take care of their safety at their workplaces. Those who lost their life during the period of their employment due to unsafe working conditions are commemorated on the occasion of International Workers’ Memorial Day and SafetyCulture is in support of this benevolent initiative.

workplace safetyAccording to sources, the main aim of the whole SafetyCulture team is to provide every worker with affordable and easily accessible safety measures. In this order, it is planning to make use of workplace safety products like SafetyCloud and iAuditor as the organisation believes that collaborative environment can play a huge role in this area.

This kind of environment gives everyone an opportunity to learn from the other person and thereby, helps in creating a safer workplace. However, the efforts are not restricted to this. The organisation is planning to launch more ways to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. And this piece of information has been shared by none other than SafetyCulture Chief Executive Officer, Luke Anear.


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