How to Hire a Winner


It is always difficult to find the best candidate for a job.

Like any other hiring manager, you peruse over hundreds of resumes, conduct multiple interviews, and just when you think you have found the right person, there is always that moment of doubt. There has to be some secret to finding the best employees.

“An employee who feels that they are valued is more likely to stick around longer”

labour productivityMichael Houlihan of the successful wine company, Barefoot Cellars, seems to have found the secret. Houlihan says that skills can be taught. It is far more important to ask yourself, “What kind of person do I want to have a relationship with?” With this in mind, Barefoot Cellars has come up with a secret method to hiring a winner. Here’s how they do it.

The first secret is to ask people about their mistakes. Have they ever been in a situation where they had made a mistake and had to fix it, or had a situation where there was a moral dilemma? How did they deal with it? If someone states that they have never made a mistake that is a red flag.

The next secret is giving the candidate a writing assignment. If the candidate does well in the first interview, invite them back for a second one. This time, you do most of the talking. Explain how things work in your company. Then assign them a one page essay, outlining their job description and why they are the best person for the job. This will tell you whether the candidate pays attention to detail, as well as give you insight into how they think.

The next step is to take a little walk with the candidate. Notice how they walk. Do they look down at their feet? Do they hold a conversation while they walk? This can tell you a lot about whether a person can multi-task. During this walk, if the candidate is doing well, you can bring them to meet their future team. Pay close attention to how they interact with other team members.

The very last secret to hiring a winner is to commit to keeping your employee, rather than just keeping the position filled. An employee who feels that they are valued is more likely to stick around.


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