Fundamentals of Good Coaching, Easier Than You Think


The attributes of being a good coach depends on the positivity, enthusiasm, goal oriented mind-set of a person.

It requires you to be supportive and knowledgeable about your work with the ability to remain focused on your goal.

“Follow the 7:1 rule that includes about seven pieces of positive feedback for every one piece of developmental feedback.”

performance management processIt’s the responsibility of a good coach to be full of positivity as your job as a motivator is not just basically related to correcting the mistakes of others, assembling blames and finding faults. You have to teach your team how to function according to the plans and achieve the productivity goals while reaching peak performance. As a coach you need to be clear about your expectations while assigning projects and duties, discussing outcomes and timelines including the way to measure the success of the team.

Your workplace is basically a playing field and you need to coach the people in the real game. You need to make sure the players are doing well on the field and are not going-off track. It’s essential to follow the 7:1 rule that includes about seven pieces of positive feedback for every one piece of developmental feedback.

Being knowledgeable about your work is really necessary to set yourself up as a good coach; you should know what you’re talking about without giving the employees a hint about your unawareness. In order to command respect and loyalty you need to have a good grasp of all the ups and downs, and to be comfortable with the questions when you have to answer them.

A good coach is observant, as it’s essential to move out and mingle with the workers to make sure they are doing their job perfectly. This keeps the workers alert and more focused on their work as they know that their work is being monitored so they will try to put in their level best in to the assigned work.



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