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Safe Work Australia has recently launched a new campaign, “Safe Work Australia Month 2013,” in hope to improve & promote safe work operations Australia wide. The campaign is run by the SWA chair, Ann Sherry and as part of this campaign, Safe Work Australia will host an awards event in late October to acknowledge and recognise those leaders across a number of industries who are promoting the ongoing development of a safe working culture and environment.

This year’s theme, “Safety is a Frame of Mind,” will encourage all workers to keep in mind their reasons for staying safe and maintaining a safe work environment. Every organisation should be encouraging their staff to always act in a safe way whilst promoting a safety oriented culture in order to reduce the risk of injury, disease or death.

SWA urges as many people as possible to get involved in promoting safety at work, not only during safety month but with any task undertaken. A great way to do this is to register as a Safety Ambassador in your workplace. During 2012, SWA had 699 people get involved and register, this year they are hoping to register 800 to help organise safety awareness activities and promote safety within Australian workplaces.

Sherry of SWA said the Safety Ambassador of the Year award recognises those who show leadership and commitment to workplace safety not just during October but all year round.

SWA has recently released its first safety month smart phone app to aid supporters in finding and organising safety events and activities.

Sherry urges not just those registered as a Safety ambassador but all staff to always engage in staying safe at work and put it at the top of your priority list. She stresses to keep in mind the impact of staying safe at work has on you and those around you.

For more information on Staying safe at work or Safe Work Australia Month please visitor Safe Work Australia’s website.

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