Utilising your Time


Utilising downtime: the truth about life within the military is for a large proportion of time very little within the manner of activity occurs. Even in wartime, contact and battle with all the enemy could be uncommon or erratic. Productivity within the normal sense isn’t a useful military theory, and measurements of performance for example profitability and sales numbers are non existent. Yet, the luxury of lengthy periods of non – battle means exercises, training and preparation, and strategising and planning are part of the non – ceasing quest for perfection, precision and job competence. Preparedness, readiness, capacity and dependability are a few of the advantages of any lengthy amount of downtime.

There is, as a rule of thumb, no overtime, no days and no weekend penalties. The outcomes of finding an occupation for a service are that persons know they are a part of the much larger undertaking, and sometimes their wants, even the significant ones, may need to be sublimated to the greater good.



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