Leadership and Purposeful Work


Modern leadership often shows the order and control, topdown, ask no-questions methodologies of the military as outdated and also unnecessary in the more holistic and “interesting” working environments sought by contemporary businesses and other organisations. However, some principles of management unique to the military stay effective just because they must succeed. Military operations are not only fundamentally dangerous and life threatening for the employees involved; there are existential results for failure for it to exist for the country that pays. Consequently, military organisations spend an inordinate quantity of time “getting it right” through training, preparation, drilling and strategies

Counter intuitively, however, the military operational model can also be, built in and about things going wrong. War costs both cash and lives. The unpredictability and chaos of the war zone are developed into preparation, as the 10 features of military organisations clarify and are even acceptable in particular conditions within the competition of broader operational goals.

A greater Function: Obligation, love of nation, bravery, selflessness and service are among the larger ideals that supply meaning for a career within the military. Most organisations don’t have the luxury of the exalted ideals of the crack army unit, yet having the ability to comprehend the targets and motives of then organisation supplies a feeling of significance to apparently unconnected daily jobs.

Leadership by example: the significant of leadership is impressed upon recruits within the military from day 1 of enlistment. Direction isn’t confined to commissioned officers. The instillation of training along with countless drills are made to make the occupation of the supervisor easier, but leadership within the armed forces goes far further. Being an outstanding officer contains intelligent, considered direction and capability to inspire subordinates.



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