Keeping hold of Gen Y employees


New challenges have been brought by the arrival of Y generation into the workforce to employers. On one hand, they finally must cope with the somewhat fickle character of Gen Y, who brings a distinct group of values for the workplace compared to that of the Baby Boomers as well as Gen X. To the flip side, the newest generation offer the chance of greater workplace involvement and dialogue.

Instead, they view work for a chance to acquire skills and will probably think about the workplace for a stepping stone at the end. Instead of seeing themselves as minions using a place within the business hierarchy and as an element of some grand strategy, they’re much more prone to view themselves as partners passing through. Companies that don’t recognise these various attitudes being a favourable chance to come up with an even more engaged work force will ultimately be the losers.

For several years, most employers have tried to manage their employees career development needs with annual or biannual, performance appraisals.

It ought to become a process whereby employers “help” their workers find the right opportunity inside their organisation. This consequently should cause an even happier and more secure work environment with improved staff retention.

Of course this is readily said and harder done. Essentially, organisations will probably be requesting their supervisors to know the way to assist their workers through the private career management procedure.

But, it’ll eventually become a part of the price of doing business.

Working with your employees to assist them manage their careers will certainly lead to higher amounts of retention and individual worker well-being – which is a great thing in the very long run for both employer and employee.


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