Alleviating downtime can be a fine art


Mining operators must concentrate on raising their profitability – and Advanced Robotic Technology’s (ART’s) remote access to the new Metaltek modular multifunction CNC machining systems can ease functional and financial problems.

The mining sector now does essentially everything on a giant scale.

These sites must work around the clock to become beneficial and operationally efficient and have to experience minimal downtime because of machine breakdowns.

Majority of Australia’s mines are located in the. Because of this, mining operations in Australia and around the world have turned to wireless technology to help ease working and economic issues brought on by machine breakdowns.

Communications are streamlined by supplying real-time telemetry to help recognize and stop problems before they cause delays and expensive operational shutdowns.

ART’s remote access to its machines can facilitate working and fiscal problems. ART sees the benefits of interactive networking with its CNC routers, plasma cutters and also the new Metaltek modular multifunction CNC machining systems in three types: happy wheels before, during and following creation or operation.

Before jobs start, ART’s remote access technology can offer job scheduling and generation control. It can get tooling databases, confirm CAD/CAM, or train operators, to mention just a few.

Real-time tracking of application, situation and displays is possible from just about any PC to the network. Machine information may be efficiently collected and remote monitoring in the supervisory level and management is also likely.

Subsequent to the work, ART can supply data for productivity analysis together with a permanent record of machine data before, during and following conclusion of the work.

One region where the control is priceless to remote operations including mines or oil and gas fields is serviceability.

The diagnostics display gives readouts on internal machine advice. Real English popup messages automatic tests help check correct operation.

That’s permitting users to obtain a significantly greater measure of ART’s repair and database support less the physical existence of the service tech.


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