Regional Comparisons


Employers in seven of the eight regions expect to grow staffing levels in the next three months. The most optimistic hiring plans are reported in both Northern Territory and Western Australia, with Net Employment Outlooks of +15%. Victoria employers also anticipate respectable payroll growth with an Outlook of +11%. Elsewhere, Australian Capital Territory employers forecast some job gains with an Outlook of +8% and the Outlook for New South Wales stands at +6%. However, Tasmanian employers expect negative headcount growth with an Outlook of -5%.

Quarter-over-quarter, hiring intentions weaken in six of the eight regions. The most notable declines of five or four percentage points are reported in Northern Territory and Western Australia, respectively. Meanwhile, hiring plans strengthen in two regions, including Victoria, where the Outlook improves by four percentage points.

When compared with Quarter 1 2012, employers in six of the eight regions report declining Outlooks. A considerable decline of 12 percentage points is reported in Tasmania, while outlooks are 10 percentage points weaker in both Western Australia and New South Wales. Hiring plans decrease by eight and seven percentage points in Queensland and Australian Capital Territory, respectively.

Based on unadjusted survey data, employers forecast payroll gains in six of the eight regions during the coming quarter. The strongest hiring prospects are reported in Victoria and Western Australia. However, Outlooks decline in six regions quarter-over-quarter and seven regions year-over-year.


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