27 Million Lost


An astounding 27 million working days were lost last year Australia wide due to workplace injury and work related sickness. Chances are, a substantial amount might have been prevented by implementing a straightforward but effective security management system and encouraging a safe work culture. Healthy and happy workers mean less harm, absenteeism and work downtime = Increased productivity.

Some powerful security management tips:

1. Always apply your security gear:

Provide staff with proper Personal Protective Equipment and also make it compulsory that management and staff wear this once they enter website.

2. Dispose of any potential security risks:

Make it everybody’s duty to make sure every one of the floors are kept clear and tidy. Trips and falls can happen quite readily within the workplace so the flooring ought to be kept clear of liquids and products.

3. Label all dangerous areas:

Ensure all dangerous areas are conveyed to all workers and marked clearly.

4. Manual Handling:

Manual handling injuries account for 70% of all work injury related claims for damages. Provide staff with gear eg. Use trolleys instead of carrying inventory. You have to supply your workers with manual handling training and supply additional aid in moving things when the uncertainty of harm or pull continues to be high.

5. Supply Your Employees with Training:

Education workers about the most recent security systems & processes. Training them on the outcomes of such work practices are going to help safeguard your workers and enhance their work processes.



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