• Rank: 7
  • Turnover 2011-12: $34.5 million
  • Growth*: 172.82 per cent
  • Founded: 2004
  • Employees: 55
  • Chief executive: Andrew Northcott

LSA Recruitment Group is its own two-speed economy. The group’s “white collar” business, LSA Recruitment, is being outpaced by the “blue collar” Labour Solutions Australia, which runs casual workforces in the agribusiness, construction, transport and mining sectors.

“There is a lot of uncertainty [among these clients],” founder Andrew Northcott says. “[By employing casuals] they can gear up for projects without burdening themselves with the risks of a full-time workforce.” This is the company’s third consecutive appearance in the top 10 of the BRW Fast 100.

How much longer can you stay growing at this rate? We need a bit of a break I think (laughs). But to be honest, it’s actually easier today than it was four years ago. The business has got to a point or a scale that has enabled us to have resources now that we couldn’t afford a few years ago. We [now]have people driving and continually improving the business processes and that’s enabled me to focus on strategy.

What are your main strategies for attracting and retaining customers? We measure and remunerate our staff based on our clients’ opinion of how well we perform. We have an independent person who contacts our clients and asks them to rate our performance and that’s done each month and it gives us a really strong indication of how we’re doing. We ask how we can improve our business and provide more value. That’s important because if we can provide more value to our customers that’s certainly going to benefit them but will also certainly help to build our business.

Have you ever felt your business is adversely affecting your health or personal life? No, as a business owner you choose the lifestyle and, like everyone, are working towards a goal. There are challenges and what some might call sacrifices but if you love what you are doing, it is all worthwhile. Physical health is an important one to manage and difficult when travelling a lot.

Source: BRW Fast 100


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Labour Solutions Australia Pty Ltd specialises in temporary, permanent and outsourced workforce solutions with a strong focus on Food Processing, Civil and Building Construction, Mining and Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing and Agribusiness staffing needs.

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