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SKILLED labour shortage has been a concern of the agricultural industry for a number of years now.

As the mining industry places increasing pressure on the availability of skilled and semi-skilled labour, it’s comforting to know there is one company that is addressing this issue head-on!

Labour Solutions Australia is fast becoming the leading labour outsourcing company in the Australian agricultural industry.

Today the business employs more than 800 people with revenue in excess of $35m across numerous industries.

“Given the owners understanding and passion for the agricultural sector we have been able to bring a high level of professionalism, supported by advanced technologies that traditionally ag industries haven’t been able to experience,” founder Andrew Northcott said.

Labour Solutions Australia was recently named Australia’s fastest growing recruitment company by the Business Review Weekly for the second year running.

Labour Solutions Australia focuses on obtaining qualified, skilled and semi-skilled personnel from national and international databases as well as working with European companies in sourcing skilled workers for the Australian agricultural industry.

It offers a range of short and long-term skilled labour. Candidates are interviewed and skilled from offices in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and then a candidate summary is sent to the client for their selection. This includes reference checking the short-listed candidates-even if it means calling employers in Europe! Labour Solutions Australia talks your language; are you looking for an irrigator for the summer, a tractor driver for inter row cultivation or seeding, or a header driver for the wheat?

Labour Solutions Australia’s local specialists, Michelle Smith and Greg Cosh, will ensure that they find the ideal candidate for your team. Michelle Smith, a Goondiwindi local, has specialised in agricultural training for over five years, working with TAFE NSW and Goondiwindi Training and Technology.

“With the European recession and unemployment, we have seen a significant increase in skilled personnel looking for work outside the EU,” Michelle said.

“A lot of these young men and women are from an agricultural background and could be qualified in trades as diverse as boiler makers, tradesmen and university graduates who have struggled to find work once completing their studies.

“By offering them work in Australia, it gives them the opportunity to further their skills abroad and addresses our skilled labour shortages within the agricultural industry.”

As a Labour Solutions Australia agent and owner of PECO Trading Co., Greg Cosh knows the demands of the agricultural season.

“Just as the right part is essential for machinery, finding the right person for the job is just as important,” Greg said.

“We are also finding there are Australian men and women who would rather look at a lifestyle with their working environment, compared with the mining industry which can be dollar driven,” says Greg. “They are hard workers looking for a change.”

The company is in the process of introducing electronic timesheets for the client, doing away with the paperwork associated with manual timesheets. Imagine the time and expense saved in not having to worry about advertising, interviewing, preparing payroll, superannuation and workcover!

Labour Solutions Australia will also complete the on-farm inductions and carry out drug tests if needed. As the candidates are employees of Labour Solutions Australia, candidates will arrive at the workplace ready for work and kitted out with the appropriate personal protection equipment. This exciting new way of hiring skilled staff can you save you the time and headache of recruiting.

If you are interested in sourcing skilled labour in your work force, contact Michelle Smith on 0418 606 837 or Greg Cosh on 0419 468 774.


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