Change to the requirements for high risk work licences


Finding out the competence of operators should already be a piece of daily pre-start processes and employment screening. When evaluating plant operators a PCBU should think about the following:

  • Has the worker finished proficiency based training and appraisal to the item of plant in question?
  • Can the worker supply evidence of having previously managed the item of plant in question to do similar jobs in the same environment?
  • Can the worker show knowledge of prestart review requirements to ensure an item of plant could be used safely?
  • Is it true that the worker have understanding of the specific risks and control measures connected with the thing of plant in question?
  • Are there particular dangers or conditions, linked with either the plant or the action to be performed, which need specialist knowledge or expertise? Is it true that this requirement is met by the worker?

Additional oversight or training might be needed after an initial evaluation, either as consequence of the operator’s competence or the particular dangers linked to the job.

PCBUs should keep records of competence assessments to make certain that signs could be supplied to an inspector or other obligation holders if needed.


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