BRW "Shortlist - BRW Fast 100" November, 2010

AFTER building his own labour hire company, Labour Solutions Australia owner Andrew Northcott is now focused on creating entrepreneurs through a recruitment franchise model......... read more


Smart Company - "Andrew Northcott" November, 2010

In just six years, recruitment entrepreneur Andrew Northcott has transformed $800 of start-up capital into LSA Recruitment Group, which had revenue of $10 million in 2009-10 and has just launched a new franchise owner-operator model that is helping the company expand around Australia........ read more


Brisbane Business News - "Andrew Northcott - Labour Solutions Australia"

AFTER building his own labour hire company, Labour Solutions Australia owner Andrew Northcott is now focused on creating entrepreneurs through a recruitment franchise model......... read more


"LSA Recruitment Group Fastest Growing" October, 2010

AFTER building his own labour hire company, Labour Solutions Australia owner Andrew Northcott is now focused on creating entrepreneurs through a recruitment franchise model......... read more


The Courier Mail - "Tycoons tell how to crack the investing riddle"  October, 2009

You really dont know what hard work is until you work for yourself. There are no paid holidays, no days off, no sickies. Meet Andrew Northcott, behind Labour Solutions Australia and has turned it into an industry leader....... read more




Australian Financial Review - "Nothing Pays Off Quite Like Hard Yakka" August, 2009


In five years, Andrew Northcott has turned blue collar labour into a thriving business, writes Mark Fenton-Smith.  Unlike other university students who exploited the internet to create their multimillion dollar enterprises. Queenslander Andrew Northcott decided to focus on old fashioned labouring to make his mark on capitalism......... read more





The Gatton, Lockyer & Brisbane Valley STAR - "Your Labour Solution" August, 2009

Lockyer Valley farmers can put their trust in Labour Solutions Australia. The recent industrial relations changes have been of great concern to growers across Australia with the "modern awards" slugging growers with an increase in casual loading to 25% and introduction of overtime. Labour Solutions Australiais in the fortunate position to maintain current staff reumeration....... read more


The Westside News - "Demand for Labour Rises" May, 2009

Andrew Northcott started Labour Solutions Australia in 2004 and since then it has emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia. Following a jackerooing stint in North Queensland, Mr Northcott returned to Brisbane....... read more


Smart Company - "Hot 30 Under 30"  May, 2009

Meet Smart Company's Hot 30 Under 30 who are on their way to becoming Australia's next generation of business leaders. Take Andrew Northcott from Labour Solutions Australia who started a business by hiring himself out as a labourer and now runs....... read more


The Courier Mail - "New Era for Jobs Recruiter, Chance for Franchisees"  December, 2008

Blue-collar labour hire and recruitmenr firm Labour Solutions Australia is expanding into the field of white-collar recruitment via an ambitious franchise network. With the intention of recruiting upto 250 franchisees, the LSA Recruitment brand will focus on white collar permanent recruitment and temp services....... read more


The Sunday Mail - "Bright Young Stars to Watch Out For" December, 2007

As our proud state continues to grow in the new year, meet the young Queenslanders who will be making their mark in 2008. Hannah Martin report on 10 high-achievers, all under 30, who are doing their best to keep the Queensland dream alive and vibrant........ read more


The Courier Mail - "Gen Y in Overdrive"  October, 2007

Generation Y is overconfident, passionate, sometimes arrogant but even some of its leaders can't agree if Brisbane is safe in their hands. At Our Future, Your Say forum last night, Australian Idol contestant Bobby Flynn and Businessman Andrew Northcott...... read more


The Courier Mail - "Losing their Balance"  October, 2007

Gen Y needs to slow down and think things through, writes Andrew Northcott. Generation Y is a very intelligent, knowledgeable and tech savvy group. The only problem is they believe they are more so than their previous generations. All of this results in a quick thinking but quickly distracted generation..... read more


The Sunday Mail - "In Gainful Employment"  September, 2007

Andrew Northcott founded Labour Solutions Australia with only $800 and a makeshift office. Since that 2004 beginning the company's phenominal success has sent it to become the fastest growing business in Queensland and the fifth fastest in Australia. "we have seen a growth rate of 2945 per cent since our first year of operation and recently........ read more


The Courier Mail - "Rubble and Toil Prove Anything but Trouble for Young Gun" August, 2007 

Spending a gap year on a cattle station north of Julia Creek gave Andrew Northcott the stamina he needed to tackle the volitile world of business ownership. The Managing Director of Milton based human resource company Labour Solutions Australia....... read more


The Courier Mail - "Tailored Loan, Right Fit"  August, 2007

For the business, it may make all the difference. Achieving the right loan fit is vital for anyone contemplating borrowing but for the small business sector it can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. One person who made the switch was Andrew Northcott..... read more


BRW - "Full Speed Ahead" June, 2007 

Growing quickly and staying on track takes perseverance and a cool head. Andrew Northcott is another entrepreneur whose fledgling business apprears on the fastest growers list. Seeking extra money while studying property economics at university, Northcott set up labour hire business Labour Solutions Australia in 2004....... read more


Smart Company - "Australia's Fastest Growing Startups" April, 2007 

The SMEs that make up SmartCompany's inaugral hot startups list are businesses that have interpreted market conditions brilliantly and created products and services that the market was waiting for. Many of these startups, businesses such as Labour Solutions Australia were launched from home with minimal capital. Their growth rates speak for themselves....... read more


The Courier Mail - "Business Owner"  March, 2006 

Working as a labourer for a mate during the university holidays convinced Brisbane's Andrew Northcott to start his own business. However nearly two years down the track, the owner of labour hire firm Labour Solutions Australia....... read more


The Sunday Mail - "Smart Money"  June, 2005

Andrew Northcott saw a market niche and decided not to wait until he finished his management degree before starting a business. He launched Labour Solutions Australia in Brisbane in November 2004, after noticing a shortage of labourers in the building industry...... read more


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